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Rhetorical Analysis Of Christopher Mcdougall's Born To Run

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“Most cushioned natural ride—featuring the Men’s Nike Free 5.0. Ideal for runners new to natural running, with the cushioning and support of a traditional shoe. Low-profile cushioning and a rounded heel encourage a natural footstrike.” Can you believe what they’re saying? This is the year 2016, and Nike is still advertising this junk on their website! On average, these shoes cost over $100, and expensive shoes are not the only detriment to runners—injuries. Injuries that are commonly associated with these fancy shoes promise only more trouble for running performance. Christopher McDougall is a novice runner who has experienced injuries related to cushioned shoes, but as an established journalist, he adventures into an unknown part of the world to discover the secrets of running. …show more content…
McDougall effectively provides authentic and appreciable evidence to corroborate his main point regarding the decline in athletic competition in America because of big shoe companies, by utilizing rhetorical strategies to allow readers to assess the numbers for themselves and the credibility that merits his work. First, McDougall successfully implements logical evidence; by providing a quantitative study executed by a highly educated expert specialized in the discipline of preventative medicine. This study that was done by Dr. Bernard Marti, M.D., at Switzerland’s University of Bern, and sheds light on the insignificance of top-grade shoes. McDougall’s tone was informative and awestruck on the statistical findings done my Dr. Marti. For example, notice the bold idea capitalized in the subheading of his evidence with “PAINFUL TRUTH No. 1: The Best

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