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Richard Nixon Downfall

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Richard Nixon was previously a senator and representative from California who sought to capture presidency two times, losing his first while winning his second time. He was set to establish new laws and goals to help strengthen the nation. Through the years Nixon had made himself into such a respected president, yet it was his own actions that later backfired on his future as president. Though Nixon was an outstanding president who accomplished numerous goals, it took one mistake to corrupt Nixon’s presidency.

Richard Nixon was the president of the United States, meaning he is someone who has to live up to greater expectations, and also expect that he was valuable to the nation. Before presidency, Nixon had served in the Navy during …show more content…
On July 17, 1972, Nixon’s administrators broke into the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Hotel. The president’s officials had success in wiretapping phones and stealing secret documents from the Democratic National Committee, which began the Watergate Scandal. Nixon and his operatives had secret recordings at the White house where it would remain undiscovered by investigators. With the tension and suspense rising in the case, Nixon and his officials were becoming more fearful of what would be discovered by …show more content…
Without having to deal with Watergate, Nixon was able to relax and write books after retiring in California with his family. He had written numerous books not only about his foreign policy experiences, but also his experiences in public life. Nixon was also rehabilitating his popularity by also traveling and consulting with many Democratic and Republican presidents. He soon regained praise from most americans, saying that he was a respected elder statesman, but some still rejected his ideas after the incident due to the Watergate Scandal. Nixon finally died April 22, 1994, but his legacy in reforming politics and the nation was left with the people for the rest of their

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