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Rigoberto Menchu Analysis

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Rigoberto Menchu suffered at the hands of the Guatemalan government. This tragedy in tern made her an engine of change for the Mayans. Her resilience and mental toughness helped her to survive the atrocities that occurred around her. Whilst all this was occurring, it became the bedrock of her making the choice to actively and wholeheartedly help the people of her kind. She fought to expose the genocide that was inflicted upon the Mayans, even though her family and friends were being taken away from her. Menchu showed great mental fortitude, by striving and pushing forward, in hopes of shedding a light on things that were happening, despite her loved ones disappearing. This belief in the greater good, prevailing over evil, propelled her to continue …show more content…
Whilst being a political figure, this gave the Mayans hope that things would turn around. Though she was never elected to be a part of the government system, the fact that she ran and had support, showed that making a change was not impossible. With such an important move taking place, this led to the formation of her political party that represented the Mayans across the country, and showing that the Mayans can take office and represent in the government. With the creation of this political party, Menchu strived to seek equality between the Mayans and the government elite, in a push to stop the violence and oppression that was going on. After years of rallying and preaching for peace and equality, Rigoberto Menchu got some head way when member of her Mayans political group were elected into congress. This showed and proved that times were changing, and people sided with the movement of the Mayans. Her search for justice and equality pushed her to the forefront of change in Guatemala, to seek out government officials who took part in the genocide of the

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