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Rising Tide of Nationalism

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Question: Rising tide of nationalism has been observed in many parts of the world in the last decades. Primordialism and constructivism have been used to explain this phenomenon. Outline the key arguments of both theories, and then proceed to answer the following question: which theory better explains the rise of nationalism? Illustrate your answer in the context of Macau, China or any one country that you are familiar with.

Brief Introduction The word nationalism was created in the late 18 centuries, but it only got popular from the 1830s. It used to convey the idea of identification with a nation in which a group of people shares common ancestry in the early time, but later it began to link with patriotism and with aspirations to statehood. This concept became widely accepted by more and more people during twentieth century. Nationalism now is defined as a subjective feeling of a membership in a nation; a belief that a nation should form the state, or a belief that the identification with the nation should be above all other forms of identity. Nowadays Nationalism has set off a wave around the world. Primordialism and constructivism can be used to explain this phenomenon. We will see the key arguments of both theories. The first one is primordialism.
Key arguments of two theories The emergence of the theory of primordialism was in the second half of the eighteenth centuries, in general, primordialism assumes political identity are innate and largely unchanged. It comes with when you are born or in nature way. Since the identity is with you by born, so it’s extremely difficult to choose or change it. Primordialism is an argument, which contended that political identity is ancient, natural phenomena. It emphasis that identify of nation is decided by nature. Identify is extremely difficult to change. It advocated that importance of cultural traits exist...

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