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Role as an Accountant


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The following paper will be discussing a speech prepared for a high school career fair. The speech is talking about the roles as an accountant and the importance of having an accountant especially when business are involved.

Introduction The definition of Accounting is basically a person that keeps track and puts in order a business’s financial records to help that business know if they are gaining or losing money so that the business may continue successfully. Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, and communicating economic information to permit informed judgments and decisions (I, 10/1/2012) The primary objectives of accounting consists of an accountant (bookkeeper) keeping track of a company’s debits and credits, without this feature for a company there would not be any way for a company to know whether or not they are gaining or losing money (Instructor, 2002-2005)! Therefore, an accountant will gather information from the company which consists of their total income that has been brought in as well as receipts for everything the company has bought to determine the debit that the company has spent. After the accountant has gathered all of this information, the accountant can than determine the company’s equity rather or not they are losing money or gaining money (Instructor, 2002-2005). There are fourteen different steps when dealing with accounting process. Fist the accountant must gather the information from the business and be able to recognize the information (Internet Center for Management and Business Administration, 2002-2010). Second the accountant must prepare all of the transactions which include all of the business’s transactions and or invoice (Internet Center for Management and Business Administration, 2002-2010). The third step involves the accountant to identify all of the business’s transactions in dollar and

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