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Role Of Sex Trafficking In Ishmael Beah's Radiance Of Tomorrow

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Did I deserve to get raped? Enclosed in a dark bathroom silenced by pride to admit what has happened to me. The corrupt behaviour of men who follow drunk women to the bathroom because they see a sexual opportunity. Was it sloth-like to have been drinking that evening and not stick with my friends; yet all these human behaviours come from our human nature trying to reason with our unfavourable circumstance.

Similar circumstances lead to corresponding reactions within individuals due to our human nature: this is demonstrated in Ishmael Beah’s ‘Radiance of Tomorrow` and the realities of sex trafficking within our global community. It proves that actions taken by individuals are affixed with human nature tendencies. It is human nature to have greed manifest within …show more content…
It is witnessed in Ishmael Beah’s novel ‘Radiance of Tomorrow’ how the political climate and poverty influences what other individuals will do to get ahead. Sex trafficking is an industry that feeds off of psychological and physical abuse on a global scale, it is also based off of factors of poverty, famine, and political instability. Many opportunities given to us as individuals are likely twisted by another person’s greed: “But the hand of the city is unpredictable, the hand of the country is even more capricious. Often shadows gather around the giving hand and break its fingers, spoiling the gifts” (Beah 224). Bockarie witnesses that the opportunities in Freetown contain ulterior motives and hidden schemes within the operations. Mr Khaifala’s opportunity for Bockarie entailed writing thesis papers with other professor’s for students who could afford to pay for it, and this was a cover-up for Mr Khaifala’s drug smuggling. Likewise to human trafficking they see individuals like Bockarie who are struggling to get ahead and use the power advantage they have to create funds for

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