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Role of Social Network in Marketing Strategy Formulation for Sustainability and Development

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Considering Social Media’s significance in global communications, importance of Social Media Marketing as a strategic approach, this paper examines whether the internet users are the members of Social Networking, their interest in advertisement on the Social networking sites, their reaction to such ads (attitude towards Social Media), is such ads are useful to them or not, also to examine whether the respondents are experienced the online purchase, to know what products they have purchased through online, through which website they have purchased and their satisfaction of online purchase.
At the outset this paper examines the impact of Social Network on the internet users, overall understating of their involvement in the Social Media Marketing which is one of the critical factor for the marketers in formulating strategy for sustainability of the development of their business.

KEYWORDS: Social media, Social networking sites, advertisement, online purchase, purchase satisfaction.

Social media is an internet based platform which enables its users to generate, share and get feedback for content created in open autonomous, unconstrained manner, and which facilitates social interaction among the individuals and build relationship. Social Networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,Google Plus, Orkut, You Tube etc. are the vehicle for the member of these sites to do their transactions. Social Media Marketing has evolved into a vital avenue for promoting companies, products, events and causes.
Marketers are creating their own websites to facilitate their customers and attract future consumer (prosumers) through the advertisements on the social media sites to build their own network of business and relationship.

In today’s ever changing landscape, new information based plot form such as...

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