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Role of Travel Trade Intermediaries

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Role of Travel Trade Intermediaries
A travel agent's role is to find the best flight and itinerary to fit the client's needs, find hotels that match the client's specifications, provide information about activities and events at the client's destination and offer advance booking services or book the services for the client. Some travel agents also organise group travel and will expect to receive approximately 10 % commission on your gross rates for any business they send you. There has been a huge reduction in the number of retail travel agents and the decline of non-specialist independent retails due to the role of the internet in distributing travel products.

A travel agent may be self employed or may be working for a travel agent company, either way the role is more or less the same. Travel agents take off the stress of making travelling arrangements from the traveler.
There are many types of travel agents. Some work independently, others for agencies. Their roles will differ based on these distinctions. Independent travel agents may diversify options for you more whereas agencies will promote what the agency offers or has available.

Benefits * Not having to do all the pre-travel preparations yourself can take the stress out of your vacation and you can be sure that the services you have reserved are valid and of good quality.
* A travel agent may not warn you of visa requirements for other countries or travel advisories. These are not their sole responsibilities but your own. You must always check ahead of time to ensure you have the proper paperwork. A good travel agent might check, but again, this is your role as the prepared traveler.
* If you really do your research and bookings on your own you might be able to save a little money instead of using a travel agent. However, you will have less

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