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Running Away from Home

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Running Away From Home
When I was young, I tried my best to run away from home one time. Also, at that time, I finally understood another sense of home. Running away from home not only gave me an experience in my life but also let me understand how important my home was, and what I would need in my future. Running away from home happened in the summer that I just graduated from middle school in my small hometown—Shilou. Because of the hot and humid weather that summer, because of my boredom, or because of the nervous emotion of waiting for the notification from Shilou High School that I applied for, I always fought with my family member.
One day, I fought with my brother because of the computer. I tried to complain about this to my mother, but I never get what I want. My mother always asked me to indulge my brother because I am older, I needed to show love to him, and I cannot be willful like him. I felt it was unfair, so I began to argue with my mother. Finally, I just ran back to my room, locked myself inside, and cried for a long time. My mother called me for lunch, and my brother gave up the computer and went outside. Even though they tried to do something to make me feel better, I still could not make myself calm down. At that moment, I was thinking if I lived without my brother, I would not need to indulge him anymore. I could live independently; I could do whatever I want. I began to think about leaving this unlovely home, and I began to plan to run away from it. I tried my best to prepare for my run away from home trip. I packed all of my favorite clothes in my small backpack. After lunch, I knew that was the best time to run away. Of course, I understood the trip I had to be done in secret. In addition, I took all the money from my piggy bank. Even though they were my all assets, the money was just a little because most of it had been used in the...

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