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Satirical Essay – The Black side

The biggest problem we have is immigration! Anywhere I look, I see immigrant who is not a part of this lovely country. All those immigrants comes to our land and they take our workstations, they take our women and they are shitting on the law. None of this immigration should be legal, but instead be illegal such as if you crossed the border the police would shoot you on sight. I think that we should clean up this mess! “We are all human, so we are all equal”… NO! All those bastards from the outlands is not our friends and we are not equal to them. The worst thing is those half-black people from the east. They are all theorists, and they would do everything for their stupid god.
If you vote on me, I will promise that this land will get clean from those east swine. I will make a law that says: ‘If any east-European is in sight, shot to kill’. Now I know that it is not possible to do that, but I will try to do my best to keep these east immigrants out of our country. I have been searching the last half year for a large Island, not to live in but to kick all those immigrants away from our civilization. They do not even belong on this planet, but we do not have the resources and the money to send them away up in space. We will take a clean-up day where we catch all the immigrants. After we have cached them all, we will give them the tools to build their own civilization up from ground. But we are not letting them living their own lives down there, oh no, of cause not. The island has some big caves that is filled with good materials that we could use to many things. The problem is that we cannot get our machines down in the dark caves on the island. They are too big. And what kind of a human would ever work in such a place. Well, we have finally found our “saviors”. If they refuse to obey us, they will suffer a painful death. A so

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