School Uniform's Negative Effects on Social Aspects

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In social aspects, there are many disadvantages of school uniforms. Uniform policies do give effects on student behaviour. In order to cultivate students who possess variety of skills, who can form original ideas, and who can make independent decisions, it is important to encourage individuality among them, choosing a style of their own does encourages each students to be independent and it will also let them make their own decisions. However, mandatory uses of school uniforms deprive student’s opportunity to choose their own particular styles. In addition, according to (Wades and Stanford, 2003) as cited in (Seunghee Han, 2011), uniform policies have a bad impact for the growth of positive first class intellectual student’s self opinion. Furthermore, to strengthen the social skills and confidence level in students, school should let them proudly display their personalities and values. In fact, requiring students to wear school uniforms discourages them from embracing their personalities in social settings. Besides, they will be constantly worried and stressed by the uniform code violation. Thus, mandatory school uniforms can have lasting harmful effects on the student’s willingness in front of their peers. Next, uniform policies do influence the crime rates in school by increasing the rates because of the equality-based perspective. When we uniforms are been uses, there are sense of equality among the students. On top of that, we can’t run away from the fact that students tend to form a gang with their members. For example, when there is case like bullying, these gangs are harder to identify and it will leads to an increase in crime rates. This is obviously because all of the students have to wear the same uniforms and they are able to blend into the student population easier after committing the crime. As the result, witnesses hardly identify the culprit and this…...