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MGT 365 – Managerial Negotiations Professor Richardson
Exam Review

Exam Layout * Covers Chapters 1 – 10 * 34 multiple choice (worth 2.5 points each = 85 points) * 2 short answer/essays (worth 10 and 5 points each = 15 points)

The exam will cover material from the chapters and class lectures. Use your notes and the class slides as a guide. To further direct your studies, here are some key terms and concepts from each chapter on which to focus.

Chapter 1
What are the characteristics of negations? Why do negotiations occur? What are the different types of negotiations? What are the dilemmas associated with negotiating? What is mutual adjustment? What is the dual concerns model with regard to concern for outcomes?

Chapter 2
How would you describe distributive bargaining? What is BATNA? What are some examples of hardball tactics?

Chapter 3
How would you describe integrative negotiation? What are interests? How do you facilitate integrative negotiation?

Chapter 4
What is the difference between strategy and tactics? What is the dual concerns model with regard to substantive vs. relationship outcomes? What does planning involve?

Negotiating Style and Individual Differences (Readings 4.1 and 4.2)
What are some differences between male and female negotiators?

Chapter 5
What are some common perceptual distortions that that may affect negotiations? What are some common perceptual biases that may affect negotiations? How do emotions affect negotiation?

Chapter 6
What types of nonverbal communication are important in negotiations? How can you improve communication by listening?

Chapter 7
Where are some key sources of power for negotiators?

Chapter 8
What are ethics? What are the approaches to ethical reasoning? What is the difference between active vs. passive deception? What are some factors that would...

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