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Scout Finch Discrimination

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Throughout the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee discusses the effects of discrimination and the toll it takes on people. Through examples of sexism, prejudice, and racism, from the townsfolk of a small town in Alabama, she shows the readers the injustice of many. The victims of discrimination serve as the ‘mockingbirds’ of the story, as said by Atticus,“Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” (Lee, 94). In essence, this story demonstrates the loss of innocence of many, especially Scout who is affected by sexism and racism most of all.

By far, one of the most evident forms of discrimination present in To Kill a Mockingbird is racism. It impacts the actions of every single character in the book and formulates …show more content…
He had announced in the schoolyard the day before that Scout Finch’s daddy defends niggers” (Lee, 99). Scout did not know what Cecil meant at the time but she took it as a personal offence because it meant that her father, who choose to defend a person who is African American, received insults because of the colour of another person's skin. Scout is scarred by this event as it’s her first real experience of racism but because of her father, she still believes that it is wrong and that everyone should be given a fair chance to be a functioning member of society. Another example of racism that affects Scout is when a lynch mob came to Tom Robinson's jail cell to kill him, just because they did not want him to have a fair trial due to the colour of his skin. Atticus was there when they arrived due to a friendly tip by Sheriff Tate. The mob threatened him and Scout rushed out to her father, not fully understanding why a huge group of people had gathered together out of the blue. Scout spotted Mr Cunningham’s face in the crowd and goes on talking about his legal entailments and made him and everybody else present imagines themselves in Tom Robinson shoes,

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