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Screwtape Two Characters In The Exorcist

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This is a fascinating adaptation of the C.S. Lewis Screwtape Letters. Linn sets up an interview with Screwtape II, a demon who is jealous because of Pazuzu’s leading performance in The Exorcist. “Screwtape II feels that his colleagues are getting all the credit while doing none of the soul-breaking work.” (p. 82) He has agreed to a “fireside” interview to boast about his ability to impede those seeking help in healing painful memories. As a summary of the book, the interviewer brings up the six steps mentioned in the book and asks Screwtape II what tactics he will use against them. The interviewer asks Screwtape II why he is assigned to tempt those trying to heal their memories. With pride, Screwtape II says that they have developed new tactics …show more content…
In rededication, like the baptism of the Holy Spirit, nothing happened. The person still fails and their faults show that nothing happened. This is phase I. If that does not work then Screwtape II uses phase II. The person is distracted from completing the healing by helping others or praying in a different way. “These cause less havoc because there is less deep change and more evident results, and an ideal brooding ground for pride or discouragement.” (p. 84) Keep them working is Screwtape II’s motto. The more work and less play will wear the people out. They begin to think that work, not Christ’s sacrifice, is the way to healing. The demons will try to get them to take credit for their growth and gifts, rather than Christ. This introduces pride and destroys humility. The interviewer asks what happens if the person reaches step two. Screwtape II says, “If we can divide their energy into correcting many things rather than just one area, we can conquer. They fall more easily if they don’t pray to see themselves as Christ sees them.” (p. 86) The interviewer asks what happens if the person continues to grow. Screwtape II says to give them more programs and plans to

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