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Screwtape's Response To The Vietnam War

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1. The beginning of the war is what prompts Wormwood to become “delirious with joy”. 2. In response to the war, Screwtape tells Wormwood to give him a full account of the patient’s reactions to the war, so that they can consider whether Wormwood is better off making the patient an extreme patriot or an ardent pacifist. Following this, Screwtape warns Wormwood to not hope too much from a war. 3. The “real business” of demons it to undermine the faith and to prevent the formation of virtues. 4. What delights Screwtape about the patient’s age and profession is that the patient is of the proper age and profession to be considered for military service. Screwtape wants the patient to be as confused as possible about the war. The patient does not know if he will be called, ergo he is uncertain and susceptible to Wormwood’s efforts.
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Screwtape compares the human soul to a brim-full living chalice of despair and horror and astonishment which can be raised to your lips as often as you please. Next, he compares immediate fear and suffering of humans as legitimate and pleasing refreshments for myriads of toiling workers. Finally, he compares the human soul to temporal suffering in which Screwtape feels as if he has been allowed to taste the first course of a rich banquet and denied the rest. 6. Screwtape’s words in Letter 5 parody Christ’s words in Matthew 26:26-29 and John 6:27-58 by how he calmly states what he is saying as if it is truth. In reality, what Jesus was saying is helpful and the way to everlasting life while what Screwtape was saying is not helpful and is the way to hell. The intent of Screwtape’s statements differs greatly from the intent of Jesus’ statements. Screwtape is trying to lead people to hell while Jesus is trying to lead people to heaven. Screwtape’s intent was to hurt and Jesus’ intent was to

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