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Water – The India Story
March 23, 2009


Table of Contents
 Summary  Global Water Situation – A Snapshot  Water in India  Innovative Water Management Initiatives


Freshwater rich regions across the globe are projected to face water scarcity if current reserves are not managed effectively
Global Freshwater Scenario
 Global Freshwater reserves are rapidly depleting and this is expected to significantly impact many densely populated areas of the world

 Low to middle income developing regions as well as highly developed countries will face water stress in the future, unless existing water reserves are managed effectively

• Although low and middle income developing countries currently have low per capita water consumption, rapid growth in population and inefficient use of water across sectors is expected to lead to a water shortage in the future

• Developed countries traditionally have high per capita water consumption and need to focus on reducing their consumption through improved water management techniques and practices

 By 2025, India, China and select countries in Europe and Africa will face water scarcity if adequate and sustainable water management initiatives are not implemented

Freshwater Situation in India
 Traditionally, India has been well endowed with large Freshwater reserves, but the increasing population and overexploitation of surface and groundwater over the past few decades has resulted in water scarcity in some regions

 Growth of the Indian economy is driving increased water usage across sectors. Wastewater is increasing significantly and in the absence of proper measures for treatment and management, the existing Freshwater reserves are being polluted

 Increased urbanization is driving an increase in per capita water consumption in towns and cities.
Urbanization is also driving a change in

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