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This assignment is originated as the course requirement of FIN 335, which is termed to be a major course for the B.B.A program. As this assignment is based on Security Exchange Commission of Bangladesh, so we have to work with limited time. We were assigned the assignment on “Security Exchange Commission” around 30 days ago, and we went around looking for its source of existence and also searched the internet to get enough updated knowledge.


➢ To present an overview of Security Exchange Commission. ➢ The Function of Security Exchange Commission. ➢ The objective of this report is to make readers know about Security Exchange Commission of Bangladesh.



After being assigned the assignment, we found that the scope of the report was confined to various related websites. The report is solely based on terms and concepts related to Security Exchange Commission.


This assignment has been prepared on the basis of experience gathered during the period of FIN 335 course. For preparing this assignment, we have also got information from various websites and Security Exchange office at Motijheel ‘ Jibon Bima Bhaban ‘which may provide successful results considering this report.


✓ Some websites had no direct reference. ✓ Unable to collect enough information from due to their official restrictions. ✓ Data collection process was irregular. ✓ Due to other courses and exams, we did not get enough time to give 100% time. ✓ Due to excess load shedding, it was difficult to work.


SEC was established on 8 June, 1993 under the Securities and Exchange Commission Act, 1993. The Chairman and Members of the Commission are appointed by the government and have overall...

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