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Tiffany Holbrook
SCI115 Biology
December 6, 2012

“The development of a genetic vaccine against malaria, its mode of administration, and its possible mode of action. “

Malaria is a desease in which there are vast research studies going on to develop a vaccine. Malaria is a life threatening desease caused by paprasites that are transmitted to people by the bite of an infected mosquito. Malaria is preventable and curable however there is no effective vaccine in place. Malaria kills about one million people each year. The hardest hit is countries that are undeveloped like Africa. The children of Africa are the most vulnerable due to the poverty: no food and dirty water. Dirty swampy water is breeding gound for mosquitos. 1 in every 5 childhood deaths is due to malaria and its effect of the desease. In my research of this desease I came across PATH Malaria Vaccine Iniative. They work in connections with GSK(GlaxoSmithKline) who have developed the Vaccine RTS,S/AS for the treatment of Malaria. GSK is one of the worlds leading research Pharmacuetical headcare companies. They have been working on the improving the Vaccine since 1980 and have finished with PhaseII test study. They did this study in children ages 1-4 and adminisitered the vaccine along with child vaccinations that they would normally get. The study came back positve and they saw a decline in the study group that clinical Malaria incidents were down. The RTS,S/AS is administered intradermally with a needle. They are currently getting ready to go into Phase III.
“While drugs, insecticide-treated bednets, and other interventions are currently being used to help reduce malaria’s impact, the parasite is complex and adaptable, and it has survived for millennia. We need many tools to defeat this disease—tools that save lives today and those with the potential to save lives in the future. A safe…...