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Shades of Red


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The Shades of Red By Angela Yohey
We were children pushed together by marriage. We became sisters by choice much later in life as adults. Colleen Michelle was born August 28, 1971 in the Bloomsburg hospital just nine months after me to a woman not yet my mother. Her birth was just like her, in a hurry to start living life. She decided to leap into the world a whole 19 days early; no one, not even a doctor was going to tell her she needed to wait one more second to do what she was ready to do. She has continued to live her life with enthusiasm and energy.
She was raised as an only child in a family that now has three daughters. I was raised with my biological sister Stephanie by our mother in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Our parents divorced when I was five and Stef was eight. Colleen was four when her parents divorced. Her mother and my father married, and soon after they moved to Pittsburgh where Colleen would be raised. I always thought she had the best of him, and for that I was envious. I did not know their relationship had struggles from so far away. It would take years before a child would become a daughter and a stranger would become a father. Her very nature is flamboyant, as are the many shades of red in her personality.
When she enters a room, the door flings open with a flurry of activity and chatter. It is straight to kisses and hugs that are not your average embrace. She takes you into the fullness of her body with a squeeze that is as if she needs to be part of your very essence. Conveying her love to yours, Colleen fills the room with the color of vermillion, bright and vivid. The sound of her laughter carries throughout the house announcing her presence. She has the best sense of humor. When she laughs it can be a devious giggle or a full bodied laugh when she will often announce, “I’m

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