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Similarities Between The American Dream And The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby and The American Dream
The American Dream is the idea of having a perfect family that lives a luxurious life, filled with money, cars and anything they want. In The Great Gatsby, written by _______, Jay Gatsby tries to accomplish that dream. He achieves the materialistic aspect of it, but struggles with that major point, love and family. In the end, does it all matter? Is money and objects really what it takes to have a perfect life? Not only do the characters in the book have something to say about Gatsby’s way of living, but so do the readers and they all learn the same message. The Great Gatsby reveals the reality of the American Dream, an unrealistic image of a desired life. It was always about Daisy. The castle like …show more content…
A past he is not ready to forget about. Gatsby has dreamed of Daisy ever since they broke up when he went off to war. In hopes of finding and impressing her, he took the things he learned from Dan Cody about being wealthy, while working for him on his yacht, and turned his life around. He started doing illegal work for _____ Wolfshiem, bringing him in loads of money. He was able to buy everything he thought was necessary to get Daisy’s attention. The most significant thing he bought was his house on the water line of West Egg. From his house, he could see Daisy’s, and he could see the green light that shone from the end of her dock every night. To Gatsby, that light had meaning. It was not just a light that reminded him of it, it reminded him of the future he wanted with her. It was a dream Gatsby hoped to fulfill with Daisy, but like a light, you cannot actually grab a hold of it. _______ stated, “The innocence and hope with which Gatsby stares at the "green light that burns all night at the end of [Daisy's] dock," is, like his own future, metaphorically shrouded in an …show more content…
All of his parties, which he led to attract Daisy and run into her, just led to people showing up and using him to have a great time. Most of the party goers never even met Gatsby. They would eat, swim, dance and leave. Proving they don’t care about him, just his possessions. When Gatsby dies, his sad, lonely funeral proved once and for all that no one truly cared about him. Nick was so devastated and shocked seeing that no one showed, “The minister glanced several times at his watch, so I took him aside and asked him to wait for half an hour. But it wasn’t any use. Nobody came.” (Fitzgerald 174). He didn’t expect no one to show to a popular man’s funeral, It just showed him how selfless people are. Gatsby’s shot at the American Dream was all for nothing, he never achieves it and no one ever appreciates any of it, except for Nick who learns how cruel people can be. Like Anne Marie said in her article The American Dream, “The American dream, like Gatsby's house in the end of the novel, is empty, or may never have existed.” You try so hard to make the American Dream a reality but when you take a step back, none of it has depth or true meaning to it, it’s just an image everyone craves to show off. It’s never an actual dream, it’s a false display of a perfect life that can never really exist because the

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