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Sixth Sense

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The sixth sense technology using hand gesture movement recognition is an emerging innovative ideas. Sixth sense technology is a wearable gestural device that breaking the traditional modal of connecting the digital without using any electronic devices such as computers, PDA, smart phones, etc. Sixth sense technology is not an alternative to replace electronic devices in the computing world however it act as an option to the existing electronic devices in the computing world. This invention created by Pranav Mistry, allows the users to be a part of the physical world and access to the digital world by using hand gesture recognition to interact with the information to obtain from the World Wide Web (www).
Sixth sense technology enables to obtain pertinent data or information about the objects in the physical world and enable us to interaction between the physical world and the digital world. Nowadays, computing devices are getting portable and miniaturization that permits us to carry in our pocket and where we want. However, these devices act as an interface between the digital world and the physical world compared to the sixth sense technology that understands user's gesture movement made in the physical world and replicates in the digital world. For instance, an analog clock illusion will appear on the user's waist when the user draws a circle on the waist, checking departure time without login into the flight website and manipulate information that has been projected on a surface and etc.
Pranav Mistry had made the sixth sense technology as an open source. Hardware applications and software codes are now available on the Internet. The purpose of Mistry made sixth sense technology as an open source because 2/3 other world needs this technology to improve their people's life to be better. In addition, Mistry also notice that when a corporation

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