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Asses the view that social class differences in education/achievement are the result of school processes such as labelling.
School processes are processes that may or may not encourage students to do better for example labelling. According to some sociologists ‘labelling’ is a process that teachers use even thought they shouldn’t, it’s when students will either get labelled negatively or positively separating that from the rest of the students. Some school councillors also label there students but According to Cicourel and Kitsuse school councillors label there students but they label according to their appearance, class or race. This process could lead to a self fulfilled prophecy which is when the student that has been labelled will accept the label and do what is expected of the particular student. Another process that schools use is streaming, streaming is when students are put into groups according to capability ‘Becker’ an integrationist says that these capability groups are those who will pass, those who might pass and those who will not pass. As a result of these groups ‘Neil Keddie’ says that the more intelligent students will get taught more complex and advanced information and methods while the students in the lower sets are not resulting in them being left behind. But this has been argued as ‘Rosenthal and Jacobson’ preformed an experiment where they picked random students from the register of a school in a lower class community and informed the teachers that these students will improve in the upcoming year, this resulted in the teachers spending more time with these selected students which made them improve and achieve better.…...