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We Should NOT Have Homework on Weekends
We shouldn’t have to do homework on weekends as homework is a school based and no one should need to do it on weekends activity. A lot of people would be busy or have already made plans. Anyway would you prefer to stay at home all day doing homework or rather be out with the family fishing? etc. Homework should be banned or ONLY handed out to those who would love to do it (not me…).
Although, homework is important and we should have to do it during the week but no one has time to sit around and do homework at weekends because a lot of people are extremely busy. I suggest homework should be only during weekday evenings. Wouldn’t you rather be out with the family or friends at weekends, enjoying life?
Actually I do not really believe we should ever have homework. We spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 40 weeks a year and 14 years (Kindy to Year 12 unless you dropped out) in our lifetime, in school. We have all the schooling/class time to do our work in which is a very long time. So why do we even need homework?
According to most teachers some of them disagree and some agree with homework, but maybe it is good to have a little homework, just not on weekends as we only have 12 weeks a years on weekends or holidays and I know isn’t a lot. Homework is good to have if needing to study for tests or exams or even if you just like doing homework. Would you waste your precious time seven days a week?
Homework should be only given at weekends for studying for tests or exams, even then, only if you really have to. Are you too busy like most people? Enjoy your weekend and keep homework out of the picture. Would you want to do homework on

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