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Spiritual Gifts Paper

PART ONE: What are your top two Spiritual Gifts? Do you agree with the results?

Why or why not? My top two Spiritual Gifts are: (1) Evangelism; and (2) Pastor/

Shepherd tied with Showing Mercy. I completely agree with the results . I agree

because I am a very compassionate woman. I love people and also willing to help

those in need. I am able to sympathize and empathize with people who may have

problems that others might feel uncomfortable with. I am also a very good listener.

I love to share the Gospel with others and bring the lost to know Jesus Christ. I am

truly blessed to have these gifts that God has given me.

PART TWO: Specifically, how can you use your gifts at this time? How might you

misuse your gifts? Be specific. There are many ways I can use my gifts today. In my

Church there are people who often come to me to “unload” what’s going on in their

Lives. I am always there to listen and give them the best advice I can. I show mercy

by going with a group from the church to visit the ones who are shut-ins and letting

them know that we care for them and that they are not alone. Outside the church I

volunteer for Domestic and Sexually abused women’s shelter. I do a weekly Bible

study and I teach some of them how to cook. I soon will be taking the required

training to be a Christian Counselor. I also post Scripture, Devotionals, and prayers

on my face book page. There are many ways I can misuse my gifts as well. With

being capable of earning trust quickly, and empathizing with people, I need to be

very careful with caring for males. I could easily be fooled into thinking that I’m

caring for a female, and it could easily become unhealthy very quickly. I need to

be careful that I don’t push a solution on someone who isn’t ready. I could often

take a lot of emotional baggage home with me that could be detrimental to my

spiritual health.

PART THREE: What are your two lowest scoring gifts? Do you agree or disagree?

My two lowest scoring gifts were Prophecy and Administration. I completely agree

with theses results. I believe that my ministry is Prophecy and Administration is not

what God has called me to do. It just comes down to it is that these gifts are my

focus and drive in my ministry. Each of us is called to a specific ministry, mine

relates strongly to Showing Mercy and Evangelism tied with Pastor/Shepherd and

there is nothing wrong with that.

PART FOUR: What impact does this knowledge have on your involvement in

ministry? The information on my two strongest spiritual gifts deeply impact my

involvement in future ministry. First off, I have giving more serious consideration to

church counseling. After having poor experiences with secular counseling, I had

written off the idea, but now I need to consider it more seriously. I have an extreme

ambitious goals for ministry, so it would be humbling for me to work one on one

with individuals. The gift of “showing mercy” gives me an incredible amount of

compassion and identification with people. My second highly gifts were Evangelism

and Pastor/Shepherd which means I might fit well into a long term congregational

setting. I have high ambitions about reaching individuals across the whole world. I

dream of having several churches all around the world with practical application

and emphasis on Biblical principles in assisting with living a daily Christian life. I

believe that there can be a broad, large ministry that is also compassionate, humble,

and generous to those in need.

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