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Define and describe the following theories on personality:

Trait theory – the trait theory suggests that a person’s personality is built through a number of different traits that the person has. The maker of the theory was Gordon Alport; he came up with the idea. He found that just by figuring out what traits you have, the trait theory can figure out what personality you have. He said that there are 4,000 words in the English dictionary that describe traits. He put these words and traits into 3 categories; Cardinal traits, central traits and secondary traits. These categories would help describe what someone’s personality is. This theory would help pick out people like; introverts unstable, introvert stable, extrovert unstable, and extrovert stable. This then suggests the fact that some people with one of them personality’s should be selected for a certain sport. For example if someone was an introvert stable this would suggest that they should play a game like snooker or darts, something that isn’t that boistres and loud and something with no contact. Some people will argue against this and say that the test is not accurate because there are athletes that play rugby that are an introvert stable. And there can also be extrovert snooker men or darts players, they will just have a more focused point on the game. Basically, the series of tests that are available to use the trait theory are just a series of questions that you answer and at the end calculates what sort of personality you have. And what group you are categorised into. To conclude the trait theory, it is a test that determines if you are in one of 4 groups; an Introvert unstable and an introvert stable, also an extrovert stable, and an extrovert unstable. Each different personality type will affect athlete’s performance in different ways. This is stated within the trait theory. If a person is intrinsic,…...

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