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Sponsor a Child
Name: Lindiwe Cezula
Nickname: Lindy
Date of Birth: 22 August 1996
Gender: Female
What is your main sport?: Netball
What is your position?: Centre/Wing Attack
Favourite team: EP U21
Favourite player: Zanele Mdodana
Hobbies: Reading
Favourite food: Rice and chicken
Who is your hero?: Zanele Mdodana
Family Background
Lindiwe had an unbelievable year in 2014. She continued to perform on the sports field and excel academically in what turned out to be a pivotal and life changing year for her.

On the sports field Lindiwe continued to perform well and was a key member of the schools 2nd XV. She proved to be one of the most skilful players in the school but is unfortunately held back by her height (or lack there of).

As a result of her hard work and dedication this year, Lindiwe was selected as one of 8 children to participate in a trip to Brazil to play in the Street Football World Cup, where once again she shone.

Academically Lindiwe continued her steady progress and finished the year with a University Bachelors pass in her National Senior Certificate. A truly remarkable achievement considering her educational background and home environment.

Her results mean that Lindiwe is now part of the first class of graduates from the SSE programme who will now attend University in 2015. Lindiwe is the first in her family to be accepted at University and is continuing on her dream to become a lawyer.

What school do you go to?: Pearson High
What is your favourite subject?: Poetry
What do you enjoy about school?: The amazing facilities we have and the people I interact with

Final Thought
Thank you for the opportunity you have given to me!

UK Charity Number: 1102107


Supporting access to sport for all.

Combating social, health and educational issues through sport.


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