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Spreadsheet Modeling


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To accompany Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealey and Myers

Richard G. Brinkman Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor Kelley School of Business Indiana University

Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458

To Kathryn, you’re the inspiration, and to Diana and Jimmy, with joy and pride. Craig


Chapter 1 Single Cash Flow
1.1 Present Value 1.2 Future Value Problems

Chapter 2

2.1 Present Value 2.2 Future Value 2.3 System of Four Annuity Variables Problems

Chapter 3 Net Present Value
3.1 Constant Discount Rate 3.2 General Discount Rate Problems

Chapter 4

Real and Inflation
4.1 Constant Discount Rate 4.2 General Discount Rate Problems

Chapter 5 Loan Amortization
5.1 Basics 5.2 Sensitivity Analysis Problems

Chapter 6 Bond Valuation
6.1 Basics 6.2 By Yield To Maturity 6.3 System Of Five Bond Variables 6.4 Dynamic Chart Problems

Chapter 7 Stock Valuation
7.1 Two Stage 7.2 Dynamic Chart Problems

Chapter 8 The Yield Curve
8.1 Obtaining It From Bond Listings 8.2 Using It To Price A Coupon Bond 8.3 Using It To Determine Forward Rates Problems

Chapter 9 U.S. Yield Curve Dynamics
9.1 Dynamic Chart Problems

Chapter 10 Project NPV
10.1 Basics 10.2 Forecasting Cash Flows 10.3 Working Capital 10.4 Sensitivity Analysis Problems

Chapter 11 Cost-Reducing Project
11.1 Basics 11.2 Sensitivity Analysis Problems

Chapter 12 Break-Even Analysis
12.1 Based On Accounting Profit 12.2 Based On NPV Problems

Chapter 13 Three Valuation Methods
13.1 Adjusted Present Value 13.2 Flows To Equity 13.3 Weighted Average Cost of Capital Problems

Chapter 14 Corporate Financial Planning
14.1 Actual 14.2 Forecast 14.3 Cash Flow 14.4 Ratios

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