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Starting a Record Label


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Entertainment LLC
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The type of business that I would like to start up would be a record label. This record label would also work as an entertainment production company. This type of ownership of my business would be a sole proprietorship. My business would provide the services of professional recording studio time. Also, my business would provide goods of compact dics copies of recorded music. My business would also provide services to copywright the product. My business will offer what most record labels wont. It will offer a wide variety of musically inclined executives that will be able to touch any level of music. The music industry is rapidly changing and there is always a need for record labels that can keep up with change. I currently have a wide range of talented, musically inclined artists and future executives ready to continue working hard. I will continue to seek out new talent as I pay for the recording and mixing of albums, set up tours, and provide promotion and marketing services to my current artists.
When it comes to marketing, Entertainment LLC, networking will play a major part. As of this year I have multiple people and businesses ready to invest or open up their venues. They want to see us reach our dream. My dream is to be able to provide an environment and business that is known for great music, great services, and great artists. Most of all to provide an open-minded business for all artist that want to be able to express their music in their own way and not industrialized.

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