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Statue Of Liberty Research Paper

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First and foremost, I would visit the Statue of Liberty. I would first have to get a ferry to take me to the island that the statue is located on. Once on the island I would start the climb to the crown of the statue. The only way up to the crown of the statue is to start the long climb up the stairs. Once at the top of the statue I would look all over New York. When looking over New York I would admire the city and all that it holds. Looking over the city from the top of Lady Liberty will give me an unforgettable experience. Moreover, I would want to climb to the top of the Empire State Building. I would go to the Empire State Building and start the climb to the top. Once I start the climb to the top I will be looking out all of

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Statue Of Liberty Research Paper

...The lady enlightening the world In New York harbor, on liberty island, a mighty green woman figure stands as a clear idea of what America is going to be, a multicultural country protects freedom of speech and religion, liberty didn`t only mean freedom from the British empire, liberty also meant freedom for immigrants who leaving their mother countries and come to the united states to create a new life without any persecution from any kind. My goal in this paper is to focus on the meanings for the statue of liberty which have changed over the time, and the countless roles in its 127-year history. I have organized my paper into two main sections, in the first one, we`re going to reflect on some of the various political and cultural meanings of the statue of liberty, in the second section I focus on the universal meanings of the statue as freedom, emancipation, and the national unity. Political and cultural meanings As the American civil war drew to close, in the summer of 1865, several French intellectuals were at a dinner party at the historian Edouard de Laboulaye`s mansion in Glatigny, Laboulaye was a French law...

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...Sound of the Freedom- The Liberty Bell Figure 1 Liberty Bell Forever Stamp Figure 1 Liberty Bell Forever Stamp Meaning can be found even in the most mundane of objects. For instance, consider the USA First Class stamp. On its upper left corner, the number 2008 shows that this stamp was produced in year 2008. The right side of the stamp says “USA FIRST-CLASSS FOREVER”, meaning that this postage stamp is valid for First-Class postage in the United States no matter when it is used. There is an extraordinary metal bell is in the middle of the stamp – the Liberty Bell, a venerable historic relic that I am going to analyze in the rest of this research paper. The bell was first known by the world as a metal musical instrument in ancient China. Tuned bells in that age were created and played to be performed only for imperial families and noblemen, as a symbol of power and status. Later on, bells became widely used in different religions. For example, bells played an important role in the Eastern world of Buddhism and Hinduism as temple bells. In western world, bells were commonly used as church bells or town bells for gathering people together. In 1752, the Quaker William Penn, legislator and founder of the Pennsylvania colony in 1682, had decided and commissioned the bell to be cast in London, and brought to North America to hang in the State House of the colony of Pennsylvania. “They had ordered very precisely...

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...RUNNING HEAD: MARKETING MIX Excellent job incorporating all of the elements of the paper: description of the 4P’s; their relationship to an organization - McDonalds; strategy and tactics; implementation; and industry. 6.75 / 7 Mechanics & Style: Overall this paper was easy to read and understand, please format according to the CWE. 1.25/1.5 Grammar: Overall this is a well-written paper. 1.25 / 1.5 TOTAL: 9.25 / 10 = 93% Marketing Mix Lakesha Marshall MKT/421 March 24, 2014 Julie Morris Within this first portion of the Marketing Mix for Coca-Cola, this marketing paper will give an overview of Coca-Cola. The paper will describe Coca-Cola’s organization and its marketing strategy within the elements of the marketing mix. The paper will describe how the elements are implemented with the organization. The paper will also include research conducted on the organization on its marketing approach from its success while analyzing product, price, place and promotion. Overview of Coca-Cola “It was 1886, and in New York Harbor, workers were constructing the Statue of Liberty. Eight hundred miles away, another great American symbol was about to be unveiled” (The Coca-Cola Company, 2011). “Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, named the mixture Coca-Cola®, and wrote it out in his distinct script. To this day, Coca-Cola is written the same way. In the first year, Pemberton sold just 9 glasses of Coca-Cola...

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