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Stereotyping In Sherman Alexie's Superman And Me

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Aspects of life, such as education, social interaction, and an individual’s personality are all harmed by the negative effects of stereotyping. First, in Sherman Alexie’s Superman and Me, he talks about how education in the Indian world is affected by stereotypes. “We were Indian children who were expected to be stupid. Most lived up to those expectations…” However, he was able to overcome that stereotype to become an author. Another negative outcome of stereotyping is that it encourages bullying. There are people that believe statements such as all Muslims are terrorists or all blacks are violent. Even though not everyone may believe these statements or fall under these categories, judging people based on their race, gender, religion etc.

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...Demarcus phillips Ms. Falk English 100 b61 6/2/16  In the short story "Superman and Me", by Sherman Alexie, tells how he learned to read having very limited resources on the Native American reservation where he grew up when he was a younger kid. Alexie starts his story by introducing how he learned how to read using a "Superman" comic book. Alexie learned to read by looking at the pictures and assuming what the comic book boxes would say based on those pictures. Alexie mentions that he does not remember the plot of the "Superman" comic book he used. This is crucial because it stresses the fact that he used a comic book to read because unlike Alexie did not have the correct educational resources that the white children had. He had to use whatever he could find in order to obtain an education. This is also expressed when he tells the reader about how he would read his father's odd collection of novels. Alexie read whatever he could find, he didn't care what it was about, and as long as he was reading he was pleased. Alexie details the fact that growing up on a Native American reservation meant that you were look at to fail. Knowing a lot of people were stereotyping Alexie, it motivated Alexie to become an exception to this rule. He knew that a key to success was reading and an education. Later in the story, after becoming a successful writer, Alexie went to a Native American reservation to speak to a class about reading and writing. He stressed the fact that an education was crucial...

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