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Mystery Mixture Lab Report

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A total of 5 weeks is what it took for a group of 8th graders to figure out what was in a mystery mixture that their teacher gave them. They looked at the physical properties, such as color, smell, size, and shape. They also looked at chemical properties such as fizz, bubbles, and the odor of different substances and the mixture to compare and contrast. The 8th graders combined different substances and added water. They took the temp, timed the reactions, and argued about their ideas until they came up with their claim. The claim they came up with is C6H8O7 (Citric Acid) and NaHCO3 (Baking Soda). According to the physical features, the group of 8th graders believe that Citric Acid and Baking Soda is in the mystery mixture because, Citric Acid has small, roundish chunks. When mixed with the powdery Baking Soda, the chunks become less clear, and more snow coloured. When mixed with Baking Soda, and 10 drops of water, the Citric Acid bubbled and fizzed just like 7up. The temp that they got for it was 16.4o C. They tried the different combinations several different times to see if the reactions changed any, it didn’t. The physical and chemical properties were just like the mystery mixture, which was, small roundish chunks mixed with a snowy powder. When 10 …show more content…
The chemical property reasons were, The temperature change at 17.4oC, and it wasn’t as close to the mystery mixture as the Baking Soda, Citric Acid was, and also, the Epsoms Salt bubbled and fizzed way longer than the mystery mixture on all the tests that they took. On the overnight experiment, the Epsom Salt mixture left quite a bit of powder behind with the multiple tests, while the Baking Soda Citric Acid Looked exactly like the mystery mixture, crystal-like and sticky, with the multiple times the 8th graders tested

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