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Not all great leaders are involved just in politics, the leader, and the leader I have chosen has inspired countless numbers of people and has changed technology for the better. I am of course referring to Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple, Pixar and NeXT.
Jobs is able to keep his company highly productive while at the same time very lax. He doesn’t interfere with the employee’s creativity but will speak his mind if he doesn’t like certain aspects of their ideas. He is known for his blunt criticism. Apple employs some of the world’s greatest minds which can be hard to manage but Jobs does an amazing job of keeping people on track with Apple’s vision.
Steve Jobs is creative, courageous, open minded and has a brilliant imagination. He did not have a pleasant early life, his parents gave him up for adoption but it was his adoptive father that showed him how to take apart and reconstruct electronics. Jobs enrolled in Reed College although he dropped out after six months and spent the next year and a half taking creative classes. He got his first job at age 19; he worked at Atari as a video game designer.
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When he was 21 he started Apple with Steve Wozniak they weren’t very successful with there first computer but it was with Apple 2 they became successful. In 2011 Forbes named Apple the most valuable company in the world. Jobs was described as an erratic manager and his style was very textbook, but he always kept employees going with there work.…...