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Strategic Management (BUSM 3200) – Oct 2013
Exam Questions Review – Key Points and References (Part A)
(Prepared by Geoffrey da Silva)
Note: this set of notes is provided as guidelines as to how you should go about to prepare YOUR OWN set of study notes for exam revision. Remember these are just GUIDELINES or short bullet points advising you what could be the approach to answering the questions and the sources you can extract the information from – BOTH the text and the lecture notes (GDS version only). You have ALREADY been advised by the course coordinator that these questions are just samples and are NOT to be construed as spotted questions for the coming examination. These are just good “practice questions” that you should use for purposes of revising your topics. Please make sure that you study widely around the chapter topics and DO NOT assume that the questions below will be set directly as they are in the coming examination. Remember this – study the topic but never study the question. The questions below could be set differently but topics could be similar. Blank spaces are provided under each of the drafts so that you can add in your own research and examples. Good luck in your preparations.
Note: these are brief points; use this word document to work with your team/groups to insert your own points and examples. I provide the template only! 1. Describe the four ways of strategic thinking (or lenses). Give examples to illustrate how the design and experience lenses on strategy development help understand the strategic development processes in organizations.
a. Reference is pages 28-42 of the text b. Lecture slides (GDS version only) – Lecture 1; slides 1-42 to 1-50 c. You need to briefly explain the four ways – design, experience, variety and discourse d. But focus on

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