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Acct5910 Topic 1


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Click to add text to title page ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2

ACCT3583: Seminar 1 Administration

Seminar 1 – Analysing the External Environment

Welcome to ACCT3583 – Management Accounting 2! We will begin with a course overview – referring to the ACCT3583 Course Outline Outline. This is an opportunity to discuss learning outcomes, assessments and general course admin., as well as providing a subject overview We will then cover Topic 1: Analysing the External Environment

ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2

ACCT3583 Teaching team
Teaching Team Contact details
Brian Burfitt (Lecturer‐in‐Charge)
Yee Shih Phua

ACCT3583 Teaching team
Tues 10am – 12Noon

Teaching Team Contact details
Mark McCoy

By Appointment

Email: Telephone: 9385 5807 Office: Quad 3081 Email: Telephone: 9385 5812 T l h 9385 5812 Office: Quad 3062 Thurs 12Noon – 2 Th 12N 2pm

Email: TBA Telephone: TBA

Jonathan Yuen

Email: Telephone: 9385 6283 Office: Quad 3089 Mon 4pm ‐6pm

Yichelle Zhang

Email: Telephone: 9385 6283 Office: Quad 3089 12Noon – 1pm
3 ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2 4

ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2

ACCT3583 Seminar overview

ACCT3583 Course assessment

Seminar overview

Seminars comprise lecture content and in-class discussions You must view the podcast, read the assigned readings and complete the assigned questions di d l h i d i BEFORE coming to class Please note the 80% attendance requirement for this course

Please refer to ACCT3583 Course Outline for course assessment components Please refer to  In Class Quizzes 10% Handouts on  Syndicate Case Project 25% Blackboard in coming weeks  Syndicate Presentation 10%  Individual Reflection 5% Statement  Final Exam 50%

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