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Strategies to Make a Team Work


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The strategies listed help point out some common sense items that wouldn’t always be addressed when setting up a new group on its own. Defining a leader is important, one go to person to make sure everybody is on track and doing their part. If anything is slipping they can reach out to that team member to offer assistance or re-assign the project so that team doesn’t fail and that person doesn’t feel picked on by the whole team. It also defines who should be asking questions and for nobody again to feel picked on or singled out by another peer. Assignment of projects and ownership is crucial to this being a team effort that everybody has a stake in the outcome of the project. Goals, both short and long term are effective for setting a timeline on when certain parts of the project need to be completed in order for the next piece to start and to ensure we meet our deadline for turning in the project on time. Setting a regular meeting schedule is a little harder with our team being spread out all over three time zones, jobs and family. Our team has discussed at least posting once a day what is going on and their status. Example I was out of pocket for two days and my team had no idea what had happened to me till I returned to explain that I had been to a funeral out of town. If I had posted ahead of time, the team would have known what to expect and when I would be back to contribute my part. I can already see within my team alone that they have asked questions or worded things in another way to enlighten some things that were not exactly clear to me, so I do see the benefits already of working in this team environment instead of tackling these projects all on as individuals.

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