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Stratigic Plan Iii


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Strategic Plan III
Sa’eed Abdul-Karim
July 28, 2013
Professor Robert Stokes

The goal of Saeed Home Improvement is to give homeowners a one stop home service experience with minimal effort and a stress-free environment. Our vision is to grow our home care concept with an innovative approach and strategic measures that will provide a service that is currently only available to the elite homeowner of the world but at a price for the average working class. The organization can capitalize on the intangibles aspects of the business, customer service and appreciation, friendly attitude, and customer satisfaction. Saeed Home Improvement will deliver quality products in a timely manner with the best customer service in the industry. This is extremely important since our business brings us into direct contact with the homeowner on a daily basis. There are several opportunities to take advantage of in exceeding the homeowner’s expectation. This objective will derive from the company mission statement which clearly outlines the importance of the customer, employees, and vendors. The strategic tool of chose for collecting and reporting information to managers on four specific areas of the business is the balanced scorecard.
The internal and external communication of the organization will improve with the assistance of this tool. The balance scorecard helps a business or organization to achieve long-term prosperity by monitoring the performance of the financial perspective, internal operation perspective, customer’s perspective and learning and growing process against the strategic goal, and contributes to the success of the organization. The remainder of this paper is dedicated to the balanced scorecard of my home maintenance company and how it will be used to better my business.

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