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Stress Coping Theory

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Need and Purpose of the study
This present study aims at exploring the relation between emotional intelligence and stress coping style among doctors of private hospital in and around Chandigarh. Emotional intelligence is an important trait for handling stress at work place. It is hypothesized that there will be significant influence of emotional intelligence on stress level among doctors in private hospitals. Emotional intelligence is assuming unprecedented importance due to growing concern of people management in the hospitals.
Scope of the Study
The study is limited to the doctors of private hospitals in and around Chandigarh. 120 doctors from two private hospitals-Fortis Healthcare Ltd and Mukat Hospital and Health Institute were randomly …show more content…
The doctors are mapped on these variables through questionnaire and standardized scale. To study the emotional intelligence of the doctors a questionnaire framed by Wong and Law is used and stress coping styles are studied through Carver, Scheier and Weintraub model. Scoring is done through scoring keys and according to the norms in the manual. The scores are analyzed using statistical techniques viz. Means, Standard Deviations, Independent t-test, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Pearson’s Correlation.
Reliability Test

All variables have been taken for checking the reliability of data. Total number of data (N) is 101.

Reliability Statistics
Table 4.1
Cronbach's Alpha N of Items
.826 44

The test for reliability has been conducted with the responses of emotional intelligence and stress coping style (α=0.826) and it is found that the Cronbach’s alpha is above 0.7. Hence the scale can be considered reliable with the sample.
Normality Test

Table 4.2: Tests of Normality Kolmogorov-Smirnova Shapiro-Wilk Statistic Df Sig. Statistic df Sig.
SCS .077 101 .153 .979 101 .099
EI .124 101 .001 .906 101 .061
a. Lilliefors Significance

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