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Arizona Senate Bill 1070
Support Our Law Enforcem ent and Safe Neighborhoods Act

On April 23, 2010 Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 into law in order to resolve immigration problems in her state (McFayden, 2011). It is one of the toughest pieces of legislation in the nation. SB 1070 allows Arizona law enforcement to stop, detain, and arrest any undocumented immigrants if the officers have a “reasonable suspicion.” This law not only makes it a crime to be in the Arizona illegally, but also a crime to transport or hire someone for employment as well (McFayden, 2011). Judicial Watch (2011) pointed out that Arizona has a right to defend itself under the Constitution if the federal government fails to stop illegal immigrants from crossing its border. In addition, this article confirmed that the creating of SB 1070 complied with the relevant federal, state and local laws, the Arizona Constitution, and the U.S. Constitution. The SB 1070 complements the immigration law rather than usurping the federal jurisdiction. It protects the American citizens and the legal immigrants in Arizona through a legislation that is enforceable against the illegal immigrants, the employers who engage in hiring the illegal immigrants, and those who are involved in transporting the illegal immigrants.
Arizona Senate Bill 1070
Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act
On April 23, 2010 Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 into law (McFayden, 2011). The key part of the Arizona law is Section 2(B) that states if a police officer has a reasonable suspicion that an individual who has been lawfully arrested, detained, or stopped for violation of any law or ordinance is unlawfully present in the United States, then a reasonable attempt must be made to determine the person’s immigration status (Von Spakovsky,

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