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Success in Marriage


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Success in marriage
Geraldine Freeman
COM 200
Professor Bonnie Stiemke
August 30, 2013

Dear Keisha and James,
Congratulations on your engagement, I am happy that you guys have chosen to embark on a new journey in life together as one. As you may know with all relationships not just marriage you have to learn how to communicate effectively, and learn how to compromise with one another. In addition, you need to be mindful of the fact that neither party will always be right but learning how to agree to disagree will be your best allies with each other. With this letter, I want to teach you some rules that will help you through each step in your journey as life partners.
What are interpersonal relationships? Interpersonal relationship is a relation with two or more people whether it is with your co-workers, children, or in your case James you wife Keisha. Understanding one another and understanding how to communicate effectively to make sure the other individual can understand and process what you are speaking. This step will aid in debates that you may encounter Many barriers arise when one or the other parties are trying to communicate effectively because there will always be a concern for each other’s feelings. To combat these issues of effective communication both parties should make a list of the issues they are having and maybe use lunch or dinner to discuss what is on each parties list. This will allow the couple to properly enlighten each other about pertinent issues. In addition, this is a perfect way to make sure the message they a conveying is properly expressed. Sitting and taking about each other’s issues in a courteous manner will allow both parties to stay abreast with each other as well as you may learn something new about your spouse. Through this process I will give you scenarios that can and will happen and how to prevent certain

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