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Superman American Hero

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Superman is the biggest American icon, ask any person of any age and I assure you their smile will brighten and grow and they’ll soon after begin to blabber off about Superman and his amazing stories and powers. Every child’s first super hero to become well known with is Superman. Superman is the hero of America and the face of America. Having endless connections and similarities, Superman is so darned American.
As a child I spent more than enough time thinking and trying to understand who would win in a fight between Capitan America and Superman. On days I wore my Capitan America shield and cape, I was sure the hero would win because of his shield and cape that never seemed to be destructible. Then there were days, where a triangular figure …show more content…
Being a nation with many rich legendary figures, Superman rises to the top. Of all the heroes in American History we speak for, Superman is the only one who truly achieves a mythic structure, providing a list of beliefs. These beliefs are the base of American and have since the 1930’s have grown and set the way of Americans. “When I was young, I always bought Superman because he represented values that, even as a child, I thought were important.” (The New York Times 1992) The values Superman had were instilled in everyone since the day they discovered the hero. Representing the value s of loyalty, patriotism, and friendship, he stood firmly in his values and beliefs, and nothing in the universe would ever be capable of moving him. No problem was too big for him and nothing would stop him, he risked his life for the Earth and the new family he had and was a loyal friend to anyone and everyone, there was not one bad bone in his body and everyone placed their trust in him. Americans look up …show more content…
Wearing a costume so tight it almost looks like his skin, bringing his own powers and beliefs to the American world to further help and protect America and the earth. Superman’s personal powers are equivalent to those immigrants brought into America like linguistics, art, economics, politics, and spirit and on the other hand his powers that contribute to the well-being of Americans. The myth of Superman sets the value of the immigrants in America. Immigration being Superman’s only way out, as well as most Americans, further solidifies the argument of why Superman is so darned American. He closely compares to an Americans and their

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