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Suplly Chain Process 7- Eleven

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Executive Summary
7-Eleven is a famous brand and provide more than 40 thousands convenience stores for the customers in the worldwide and the most important factor is successful performance in Supply Chain Management (SCM). However, 7-Eleven still has been facing a lot of problems which should be sorting them out in order to get more business opportunities. This report focuses on the supply chain management of 7-Eleven and suggests the improvement for potential problem of its whole supply chain system. At first, will introduce the company’s background by collecting data about its current situation and identifies the issues which are supported by SWOT analysis. And through the GAP analyses of the business the key existent issues faced by 7-Eleven.
According to those above, the report will finalize the recommendations and implementation methods in order to improve the business and set a benchmark for future development.
In the end, although 7-Eleven’s trend is led more convenience stores to satisfy the need of customers, but it still needs to improve its supply chain and operation mode to Commercial global optimization to continue keeping its leading position in the retail market.
7-Eleven Background
7-Eleven is the largest convenience store chain in the world, which has approximately 47,500 stores in 16 countries. The first Australian store was opened in 1977 owned by the Withers/Barlow family which has the license to operate and franchise 7-Eleven stores in Australia from the U.S. 7-Eleven INC. After 1990 Japan company Ito Yokado controlling share of 7-Eleven. Nowadays, 7-Eleven stores Pty Led operates approximately 600 stores in Queensland, becomes the lead convenience stores in Australia. . (7-Eleven profile, 2012)
The mission of company is serves the freshest food available, day in and day out, changing to meet customer’s changing needs. (7-Eleven 2012)...

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