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Survey of Major Writers of the 20th


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Survey of Major Writers of the 20th

English Survey: Writers of the Twentieth Century
In Two Soldiers, William Faulkner tries to highlight the relationship between a rural town and the United States as a whole during the Second World War. The story is told through an eight year old boy whose brother decides to join the army following an attack by an enemy. My sweet old etcetera on the other hand is a poem depicting various aspects of war. Despite the fact that both the story and the poem refer to the same topic, their views about war are exceptionally different.
Views of War
My sweet old Etcetera is a brilliant poem mainly because it manages to pass its message across. It is pertinent to note that the poem pays close attention to the little understanding that the people left at home understand about the war. It also demonstrates the actual view of the war from an actual soldier’s point of view.
The poem starts by a revelation of how the soldier’s aunt perceived the whole idea of war. Apparently, Aunt Lucy took her time to prepare the soldier for the reality of what it meant to be in the army during war. It is, therefore, extremely clear that the aunt understood the risks involved in the war, which means that she appreciated the significance of the sacrifice made by the soldiers. In addition to that, the poem highlights the contribution of the soldier’s sister. This means that she appreciated the fact that the soldiers needed protective clothing. This demonstrates her passion, affection and deep understanding of the war’s implications to her nation. Finally, the poem demonstrates immense the father’s respect for the military and the exceptional citizenship demonstrated by the soldiers (Cummings).
On the other hand, Two Soldiers outlines the views of war from a family that is directly involved in war. First and foremost, it is essential to appreciate the fact

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