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Contents Introduction 2 Second generation (2004–2010) 2 Challenges for the Indian automobile industry - 3 Scarcity 6 Efficeiency 6 Market Command & Mixed Economy’s 6 PPF – Production-Possibility Frontier 6 Demand and Supply Analysis and Market. Equilibrium 6 Market Demand 7 Demand schedule 7 Demand Curve 7 Forces Behind Market Curve 7 Shifts in Demand 7 Market Supply 7 Supply Curve 7 Shifts in Supply 7 Equilibrium of supply and demand 7 Market clearing price 7 Elasticity, Revenue and Managerial Implications 7 Price elasticity of demand 8 Total Revenue 8 Elastic,inelastic,unitary perfect 8 Demand 8 Elasticity curve 8 Other elasticity measures 8 Income elasticity of demand Ei 8 Cross elasticity of demand Es 8 Price elasticity of supply Ec 8 Price Elasticity and the impact of taxation 8 Impact of Government Regulation: Price Ceiling, Price Floor and Taxes 8 Government regulation 8 Government regulation of automotive industry 9 Government regulation of Segement : Hatchbacks 9 Government regulation of Inputs used in Swift….metal/rubber 9 Government regulation of OIL/ DIESEL 9 Availability of substitutes 10 Plug-in hybrid 10 Price floors 11 Price Ceilings 11 Comparitive stats 11 Changes in demand and supply 11 Production Analysis 11 Production Function 11 Production 11 3: Aluminum 13 Short run 15 Long run 15 The 3 stages 15 The law of diminishing returns 15 Derived demand & the optimal level of variable input usage 15 Multiple Inputs 15 Cost Analysis 15

Second generation (2004–2010) the Maruti Suzuki Swift was launched in India in May 2005 with a 1.3-litre petrol engine. Later, in early 2007, Maruti introduced the Swift with a Fiat-sourced 1.3 L DDiS engine. In 2010, due to the new BS IV emission norms, Maruti replaced the 1.3 L petrol engine…...

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