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In order for our photo studio to audit the standing position on the market and its environment, a SWOT analysis is used. SWOT represents strengths, weaknesses as internal factors, and opportunities and threats as external factors. This analysis helps the company focus on key issues, provide an overview of how certain tactics have been developed well and how others need to be worked on.

First and foremost our positioning on the market is extremely well when in comparison with other competitors. Most photo studios in Berlin are either very close to one another, or outside of the town. The fact that we are located within the actual down town, and there are no other studios within a close range of ours makes it easier for our target market to focus on our company when such needs and desires arise. Within three years of operation this allows us to gain most of the local market. If another studio were to open within our vicinity, we would already have customer loyalty and trust from the existing market. Our photo studio has a crew of professional photographers. This is considered to be one of our strengths because we offer high quality, (professional) services at a going rate. Most photo studios with professional photographers and those that are privately owned usually charge above the average rate for events or any photographic needs. Other studio’s that are not privately owned usually have a regular employee who takes part in the shooting. This is considered to be unprofessional and isn’t as appealing to the customers. Providing the option of regular prices with professionalism is a step closer in our more for same pricing strategy, which also differentiates us from competitors on the market. We plan on working with top quality equipment will not only provide for professionalism in the photographer but from the camera and equipment as well.

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