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Ariana Eoff
April 17, 2013
Chef Chapela
Hospitality Marketing Week 2
Taco Bell
The Taco Bell Company, like many other major corporations in the food industry, is not perfect. It has its own SWOT otherwise known as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identifying these key categories will definitely help any company succeed and become better well-rounded.
Strengths – Taco Bell is a very popular brand and has high customer loyalty. They are well known because of their advertising and marketing strategies. Taco Bell is also known for its quick service. Recently, Taco Bell has been adapting to distributing healthier, hygienic foods to stay ahead of the competition. A change in the management and organizational structure has led to much of Taco Bell’s success over the years. The company developed a new job position called “Market Manager.” This position was created to increase responsibilities and make the decision making process easier. This new key strength promotes self-sufficiency, increased employee motivation levels and efficient customer services.
Weaknesses – Like every large company, Taco Bell has a few weaknesses. Taco Bell has encountered some bad rep and lost customers due to the traces of E. coli bacteria in 2006, 2009, and 2013 which led to customers being hospitalized. This led to multiple Taco Bells closing across the country. In 2007, Taco Bell reports of rodent infestation were found in a Manhattan location. Most of the food on Taco Bell’s menu is high in fat and has many calories which eliminate the health conscious people from buying their food. Another weakness is how the franchises are managed.
Opportunities – Taco Bell has many opportunities to better itself and to gain more customers. The company has recently been developing new flavors and recipes that focus on being healthy and using better quality ingredients. They…...