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Teachers’ Perception of Leadership Styles and Effective Administration Among Primary School Headmasters in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study Nigerian educational system like any other country has its problems, lapses, and controversies. At the time of searching there are many problems confronting Nigeria educational system and institutions. The future achievement of our young children in primary schools depends on the foundation we help them to lay down today. Also, the future condition of our society depends on our children, who will become the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, because of the total roles of primary school head master one can rightly regard them as important builders of our future generation. Head masters in primary schools occupy vital position in the administration of the school, and in moulding the lives of children. They are individuals who have unique ways of carrying out their job. The peculiarity of an individual human being is manifested in perception. Communication, attitude behavior and intelligence. Therefore, the leadership style of any primary school headmaster affects the working situation positively or negatively which may result in god or poor performances of the children (pupils) in the school. The degree of relationship between the headmaster and teachers determine the effectiveness of leadership of headmaster. According to (NPE 3:14) the objectives of primary education are: 1. The inculcation of permanent literacy, numeracy and ability to communicate effectively. 2. The laying of sound basis for scientific and reflective thinking. 3. Citizenship education as a basis for effective participation in and contribution to the life of the society. 4. Character and moral training and the development of sound attitudes. 5. Developing in the child, the ability to adapt to his challenging environment. 6. Giving the child opportunities for developing manipulative skills that will enable him to function...

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