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Team Code of Ethics


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Team Code of Ethics
Stormont-Vail Health Care is an integrated health care organization that is comprised of multiple health care facilities and employees more than 200 physicians. Stormont-Vail’s goals, ethical principles, and ethical values all play an important role within the organization. This organization strives to maintain a positive relationship between cultural differences and ethical decision making. Stormont-Vail Health care stands by their mission to work together to help improve the health of the entire community ("Stormont-Vail Healthcare", 2014). Stormont-Vail displays social responsibility for their organization and community. This organizations main goal is to provide quality healthcare to the community. Their core values are serving others, quality health care, teamwork, respect, and viability. In a recent survey conducted by the American Hospital Association, Stormont-Vail Health Care facilities ranked very high in patient satisfaction. This organization’s mission statement is not just a marketing tool to bring in patients. It is important for Stormont- Vail employees to know and understand the mission statement as it effects the organization ethically.
The main goal of Stormont-Vail Health Care is about people caring for others, improving the quality of care, utilizing the best and latest medical technology for treatment and procedures. Stormont-Vail Health Care is committed to respond and adapt to the needs of the community as health care changes. The vision for the future is to be a nationally led health care facility that provides high quality, efficient integrated care through collaboration of partnerships for a healthier community.
Since we know what the organization’s goals are, it is easy to see how they are tied to ethical principles. In using the latest medical technology, it shows that the patients are given the best care

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