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Quote : “When you’re stressed out, your body remains in a heightened state, which can cause damage to the nervous system, wear out your body’s reserves, weaken your immune system, elevate your blood pressure, and leave you feeling completely overwhelmed.”(Willona1)
Paraphrase: Therefore, it’s important to learn how to step back, breathe, and manage your response to life’s stressors. In order to achieve your college success, also you need to overcome your stress. (Willona 1)
Summary: Sloan Willona on "Manage Your Stress" discuss how to manage stress. He also talks about the symptoms of stress which include anxiety or panic attacks, a feeling of being constantly pressured and stomach problems. He show us the strategies for getting stress under control such as avoiding its causes and finding alternatives to factors that cause stress.
Sloan, Willona.M.(2012). How to Manage Your Stress. Psychological Education Update, 54(1),1-7.
Quote: “is the great American password, the single term which, uttered properly assures my status as a stand-up grown-up.” He also said that “Indeed it seems that American citizenship comes with a set of bootstraps initialed personal responsibility” (Ellen1).
Paraphrase: Indeed it appears that American citizenship comes with a set of bootstraps initialed personal responsibility (Ellen1).
Summary: The author in this article, was inspired by the five extra pounds that have made their annual post-holiday appearance and for which he claim Personal Responsibility. No one else is to blame, although perhaps he could launch a small litigation at the two young women who produced that miraculous chocolate cake for Christmas dinner.
GOODMAN, E. (2004, Jan 08). The `Personal responsibility' mantra. Boston Globe. Retrieved from

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