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Technology Manager Research Assignment
Due August 30, 2012

1. Using an employment site (e.g.,, what types of jobs do you find when you research the term “technology manager”?

* On I found several jobs that popped up. Most jobs had to do with information systems, but there are also ones that have to do with project management.

2. Are these the types of jobs you expected to find and why?

* These are close to the jobs I was expecting. I know a lot of people think that Tech management has to with information systems and project management. That we deal with technology systems. IT work seems to be the general idea of what people think tech management has to do with. However it seems that there are the few of them that are in different fields that deal with just management.

3. How would you define” technology manager” based on what you found?

* I would consider technology manager has to do with a combination of technology work and project management. But I believe Technology Manager has a lot more to o with being able to help a business out with all the technologies it uses and how to incorporate it better into the work a business does.

4. How is this definition similar to the article “What is a Technology Manager”?

* It is close to the definition from the article. The article is stating that most graduates go into project management positions and most students have management emphasis in their fields.

5. How is this definition different from the article “What is a Technology Manager”?

* What is different than the article is that a lot of the search has to do with IT work, whereas the article says they are more project management and in different fields than IT work.

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