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Teen Depression

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Depression in Teens
Andrea Alessio
Grand Canyon University
Concepts in Community and Public Health
NRS 427-V
Kamala Steel
January 29, 2016

Depression in Teens
It came to this writer’s attention a few months back that something needed to be done about depression in teens. It states that 5% of teens in the United States suffer from depression (Poncelet, 2015). As a Psychiatric RN, most types of depression have passed this way. There are two types, but both can intertwine at some point. Noticeably now a days, many are coming into the unit depressed by bullying. The cause of picking this topic was something this writer came across in the community paper. It was a high school student who did not know what depression was and what she was feeling, until her best friend died. She went to the Board of Education meeting to bring up teaching this subject in their curriculum. It has still not been decided. Another concern was the rate of suicide over the past few years in the community. After just explaining the rational for this paper, you will also learn the summary of the teaching plan chosen to get the information of depression to teens, how it felt and the experience learned while doing it, the response of the lesson taught, and lastly what areas of strengths and weaknesses could be worked on further.
The summary of the teaching plan was to get the most across in the least amount of time. Making sure all the important issues dealing with depression were covered this writer went with making a power point. It ended up being 10 slides that took about 30 minutes to go over. That was followed by a question and answer session. There was much interaction at this point that turned out to be very interesting to the students.
. One could see the interest in the faces of the teens involved. The question answer portion went very well. It turned out to be very...

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